VLC Media Player Guide

How to install VLC on your PC?

If you are not aware of any appliance to watch IPTV channels on PC or laptop, VLC is one of the best app which reaches the many choices from clients, that I like to recommend for you. You only need the M3U Link which I will provide to play in this software.

 The sole thing you should practice is downloading VLC app and make sure that your devices are connected to Internet with stable speed.

 Firstly, you should duplicate the M3U Link in the email which we sent to you before. We just give you 2 days free trial. If you do not see any M3U Link, please contact us to get this one as soon as possible before it is expired.

Now, you should follow these steps below:

Step 1: Do open VLC Media Player

Step 2: Secondly, Drag and Drop M3U Link on the screen or click at “Media” in the left corner then to “Open File” to paste M3U Link

Another way to paste M3U link  is that you can press “Ctrl+V” and paste your M3U link in the blank on screen after open VLC Media Player.

So as to change channels in the list, you can click at “View” then to “Playlist”  (Ctrl+L) to view the channel list. After all, you can view the available list of channels and find out the channels you like.

Notice: With VLC Media Player app, it does not support EPG and you cannot see the logo of the channels. If you like to see them, please try with another app like smarter player app or Web player that are able to stream on PC and laptop.




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