Mag Device Installation

How to setup IPTV on mag device?

Nowadays, there are many kinds of mag device such as Mag 250, Mag 254, Mag 255/255/256/257/260, Mag 275, Mag 349, Mag 350/352, you name it. We are a provider which is supporting all of these set-top boxes.

The first thing you have to do is showing me the mac address in your bottom mag box or in your screen when you turn it on, then I will activate this mac for you.

These following steps will help you install Mag device perfectly:

Step 1: Switch  your MAG device on then to click Settings button after main portal screen appears

Mag step 1

Step 2: Go to “Setting System” option

step 2 mag

Step 3: Click at “Server” and go to choose “Portal”

step 3 MAG

Step 4: Enter information

Portal 1 Name: Any name

Portal 1 URL:

step 4 Mag

Step 5: When all information is complete, please click at “OK” then click “Exist” 2 times to activate the portal again. After all, you can enjoy our service with channels and VODs, TV series. 


  1. If your screen appears the yellow bar loading to the middle then stop, it is because your channels list is too heavy. Please contact us to reduce the list and it will work well.
  2. If the screen gives the message “Page loading error” after you fill all information in, please review the true portal again. If not, you have to change portal to
  3. If it is appearing the lines “Your STB is blocked. Please contact admin” like the following picture, you must show me the true mac address in your box to check again.

stb block




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