Install SIPTV app on Smart TV

How to set up Smart IPTV app for Smart TV?

Nowadays, The worldwide technology is becoming increase, so that owning a smart TV is not difficult for each family. Smart TV concludes LG TV, SamSung TV, Sony TV which is rooted mainly from Korea and Japan.

When it comes to Smart TV, we can mention SIPTV app to watch IPTV service.

Please follow step by step the instructions to install this app perfectly:

Step 1: Install SIPTV app in Play store

Step 2: Activate the app

After installing completely, you can open this app and view the interface. You can see the mac address is in your screen when you turn tv on or in the back behind your tv.

If your mac is not activated, you will be demanded to charge one time for this app.

Then you should visit the site to upload playlist:

  1. Fill your mac address in 
  2. Fill the M3U Link in URL section in
  3. Click at “Send” to upload M3U link

After all, please restart this app in order to upload successfully. Then you can see the channel list appearing on your screen.

If your tv screen continues getting a error: “Check URL 1”, you have to upload URL again or change DNS in setting to

Notice: Today, SIPTV app is absolutely removed from SamSung Tv. With this kind of smart tv, you have to try another app like STB app.


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